7 Celebrities Who Smoke Weed ...


No matter what you think about drugs, smoking, or marijuana, there are celebrities who smoke weed.

They come from all walks of life and represent all facets of the entertainment industry.2

Some of them admit it freely and talk candidly about their habit, while others keep it close to the vest.

I’m definitely not here to give an opinion one way or the other, y’all, I’m just here to fill you in on a couple of celebrities who smoke weed and aren’t afraid to let it be known.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Photo Credit: iballer.com

Like I mentioned, many of the celebrities who smoke weed are completely candid about what they do.

They freely admit it and don’t try to hide it.

Lady Gaga is one of that breed.

She doesn’t hide or lie about the fact that she partakes in marijuana, and even elaborates that she does it especially when she’s writing new songs.

2. George Clooney

Photo Credit: geektyrant.com

On one hand, this is pretty surprising.

On the other hand, George Clooney is cool, bad ass, one of a kind, and proud of his individualism.

All I can say is that, evidently, when the crew of Ocean’s Twelve were in Amsterdam, the proprietor of one local café was not surprised to see George there.

3. Brad Pitt

Photo Credit: igossip.com

Is anyone surprised that George’s cohort and BFF Brad Pitt is also one of the celebrities who smoke?

Although rumors of his cigarette smoking are by and large unfounded, Brad’s long been known to smoke up on the sets of his movies.

In addition, his wardrobe choices often proclaim his feelings on marijuana.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Photo Credit: fanpop.com

Jennifer, the picture of health and freshness, is a smoker times two.

In addition to smoking cigarettes, she readily admits that, like her ex, she’s been known to partake.

In fact, she further admits that she and Brad smoked together quite regularly while they were married.

These days, however, it’s all about moderation.

Harrison Ford
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