10 Celebrity Crushes to Check up on ...


I admit that I have a good number of celebrity crushes. Most are men but I have my share of girl crushes, too. I bet you do as well. I have gathered here news about celeb-land hotties who may tickle your fancy. Enjoy and happy droolin'!

Michelle Williams Poses in Underwear for GQ

@Amy Grindhouse

Johnny Depp and Wife Said to be Living Separate Lives


What Are Damon and Stefan Up to Now?

@Celeb Squabbler

Channing Tatum is a Real-Life Hero!

@Celebrity VIP Lounge

Katy Perry Is Now a Sim

@I Need My Fix

Taylor Swift Looks Stunning for Vogue

@Hollywood Hiccups

Kate Winslet Wants to Challenge Herself with Male Role

@Girls Talkin' Smack

Rihanna Looks Hot for Armani Lingerie & Jeans

@Skinny VS Curvy

Matt Bomer Has Fans EVERYWHERE


Josh Radnor to Write a Memoir

@Entertainment Weekly

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