7 Celebrity Snack Cravings ...


We look to celebrities to set trends in all sorts of ways — fashion, hair, make-up, and more.

So why not look to them to see what sorts of celebrity snack cravings they have, and how they curb them?

I’m always fascinated to see what my favorite actors and actresses are noshing on… so I’ve done a little digging, read a few interviews, and I’m intrigued!

Here are 7 celebrity snack cravings (and now I’m hungry, too!) …

1. Garrett Popcorn

This celebrity snack is one of Oprah’s favorite things! It’s available on the web at garrettpopcorn.com and it comes in four delicious flavors. Who else craves Garrett Popcorn? Celebs like Halle Berry and Katie Holmes, and of course, Miss O herself!2

Jamba Juice
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