8 Good Celebrity Teen Role Models ...


It seems like the media is constantly bombarding us with horror stories of teen celebs behaving badly, but why do we so rarely hear about good celebrity teen role models? I know there are loads of them out there, compassionate, well-behaved young celebs who make great role models. Some are actresses, some are athletes, all are admirable in their own ways. Here are my picks for the best celebrity teen role models.

1. Demi Lovato

I know what you’re thinking: she’s not one of the good celebrity teen role models! But I disagree. She showed great strength and courage when she went public with her battle with an eating disorder and self-mutilation. She’s been very candid about the devastation bullying wrought in her life, and has been a very vocal advocate of various anti-bullying causes. She’s also a very talented actress and singer. Remember her guest performance in Grey’s Anatomy? Brilliant!

Gabby Douglas