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The hottest comedians hold a special place in many women's hearts. One of the top qualities women seem to always say they are looking for in a man is that he have a good sense of humor. There have even been studies where women have thought that men who were funny were thought to be more intelligent and honest than men who were not. It stands to reason that sexy comedians are hot commodities. No wonder why we find comical celebrities to be intriguingly good looking! I'm here to give you the 10 Hottest Comedians around today. Read now, laugh later!

1. Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg

Yes, one of the top hottest comedians for this article is Andy Samberg! Andy Samberg is a 34-year-old actor, comedian, writer, and rapper who is best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. He is also a part of the group The Lonely Island who have come out with popular comical songs such "I'm On A Boat" and "Motherlover." Samberg is one of those guys who may not seem hot when you first meet him, but his sense of humor can turn that all around. The advantage of being a comedian!

Joel McHale
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