January 8: Happy Birthday to ... Carolina Herrera ...


Carolina Herrera was born on January 8, 1939 in Caracas, Venezuela.

Not many names in the fashion industry become well known enough to enter in to mainstream pop culture, but it would be fair to say that Carolina Herrera is certainly one of them.

A Venezuelan-American fashion designer, Herrera has been long regarded for her own exceptional personal style as well as having dressed some of the worldโ€™s most important women in her decadeโ€™s long career.

Her presence in the fashion industry really kicked off in 1981 when she was encourage by an influential friend at Vogue to design a clothing line, which was met with much critical acclaim when it debuted at Manhattanโ€™s Metropolitan Club.

The strength of Herreraโ€™s reputation in the business has remained constant for decades thanks to the caliber of clients that she has consistently attracted throughout the years.

She has designed dresses for Hollywood royalty to social royalty ranging from Renee Zellweger to Duchess Diana de Melo, but perhaps her most famous fashion partnership was with former First Lady of the United States of America, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Not only did Herrera dress Onassis, but she was also commissioned to create a wedding dress for her.2

Carolina Herreraโ€™s relationship with the White House has continued in to recent times, with current First Lady Michelle Obama also being a client.

Her simple, elegant creations are deemed to be the perfect match for women in high profile positions.


Carolina Herrera is a passionate humanitarian, and has served as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition.

Star Studded Designs by Carolina Herrera:

1. Rene Zellweger โ€“ 2008 Oscars

Rene Zellweger โ€“ 2008 Oscars

2. Michelle Obama - Germany 2015

Michelle Obama - Germany 2015

3. Tina Fey โ€“ Golden Globes 2014

Tina Fey โ€“ Golden Globes 2014

4. Amy Adams โ€“ 2009 Oscars

Amy Adams โ€“ 2009 Oscars

5. Emily Rossum โ€“ Choice Awards 2013

Emily Rossum โ€“ Choice Awards 2013

Happy Birthday, Carolina!

Happy Birthday to you too, if you were born on January 8th.

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