Miley's Salvia Trip Opens up an Old Legal Debate...


The true reasons behind Miley Cyrus smoking salvia seem to be out in the open. Looks like young Miss Miley wanted people to catch on to the fact that the plant is harmful and you should ban it!

Ok, so that's not really why she smoked it, but hey it makes for a great PR excuse right!?

Anthony Adams, a former CA State Assemblyman, has stepped up once again on the anti-salvia ban-wagon. He says it was irresponsible of Miley as a role model to smoke salvia. Adams says "Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior". Adams believes that smoking salvia can make "you do incredibly crazy things".

Adams had tried back in 2007, to get salvia banned and given the same status as LSD and marijuana. However, being unsuccessful back then, he has gotten new fodder to feed his frantic efforts to ban the Mexican herb.