15 Nicest Celebrities Who Have a Heart of Gold ...


Being a celeb can be tricky, even the nice celebrities get unfairly categorized as selfish, substance-abusing party animals due to their more careless and intoxicated counterparts.

There are actually tons of kind-hearted stars who dedicate a lot of their time and money into great causes.

Check this list of the 10 nicest celebrities who have a heart of gold and see if your most loved or loathed star made this list!2

1. Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Who knew Jason Bourne was such a sweetheart?!

Damon co-founded Water.org which helps provide clean water to developing countries as well as being a supporter of ONE Campaign which fights AIDS and poverty in third-world countries.

He also teamed up with fellow Ocean’s 11 castmates and founded Not On Our Watch which focuses on advocating and bringing attention to human atrocities in third-world countries.

Sexy and sweet, gotta love it!

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Mother Monster’s outrageous fashion sense sometimes overshadows her kind and charitable heart.2

Gaga recently founded the Born This Way Foundation which seeks to empower youth and inspire bravery.

She has also contributed to the It Gets Better project and who can forget her fab MAC Viva Glam campaign with Cindy Lauper which supports the MAC AIDS fund.

Paws up for philanthropy!

3. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

The Biebs leads a charmed life but he doesn’t take it for granted.

He’s one of the youngest and nicest celebrities around and has donated partial proceeds from his albums to numerous charities.2

He also started the Believe Charity which strives to benefit other worthy charities and he encourages his fans to contribute their time and money to worthy causes.

No wonder Selena Gomez became a Belieber!

4. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Country cutie Taylor Swift is definitely a celebrity with a heart of gold.2

She has donated her hard-earned money to countless charities and even donated her prom dress to Donatemydress.org which raised over $1,000 for the organization.

She’s also known to give free concerts and loves to interact with fans at the many meet and greets she hosts.

I’ve totally got a girl crush on Taylor!

Daniel Radcliffe
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