7 No-Makeup Celebrities That Look Great ...


No-makeup celebs are hard to find aren't they?

Especially no-makeup celebs that actually look great without being done up.

Well girls, I've got 7 celebs that would turn heads all over the place, even without makeup!

These no-makeup celebs are beautiful on the inside and out and it shows!

So, without anymore comments, let's kick off this top 7 no-makeup celebs list right with our very own Lady Gaga!

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of those no-makeup celebs that you might not think would look good without all of her crazy makeup, but she does!2

She actually tweeted a picture of herself recently that looked so beautiful and that got me thinking, 'what other no-makeup celebs' are out there?

Let's check out number 2!

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is another no-makeup celeb that looks absolutely incredible without any makeup.

She's got that girl-next-door type feel and it shows!2

Recently, she did a photo-shoot without any makeup at all and it was a huge hit!

I love that in the photo shoot, she left her hair curly too.

It's really breathtaking ladies, you should check it out!

3. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

I think that Selena Gomez is as cute as kittens anyway, but this no-makeup celeb is adorable without makeup.3

She looks almost exactly the same as she does with makeup, minus the dramatic eyes.

What do you ladies think of her no-makeup look?

I love her eye color and her lips still look just as full as they do with makeup!

4. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is another celebrity that I just love.3

Everything she is in (okay, I am a huge Harry Potter fan) is incredible and recently, I saw a few photos of her sans makeup!

She still looks amazing and will always be that smarty from Hogwarts to me!

Also, have you seen her haircut?

Super, super cute!

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