The Beckhams Moving to NYC...

LA's favorite British family, the Beckhams, will soon be relocating to #New York City.

With Victoria Beckham's fast-growing fashion empire, the first lady of Football Wives does not feel LA is a good #location for her to be based out of.

"My #work is so important to me and LA just isn’t a real fashion city”, Victoria told a friend.

The Beckhams will retain their current #home in LA as they are quite attached to the place and also David Beckham will still be with the LA Galaxy.

“This isn’t a decision they’ve come to lightly. They still like #LA and have no plans to sell their home there but being based in Hollywood doesn’t appeal to them anymore and they feel it’s time for a change.”

However, with both of them travelling a lot and specially to Europe, the #move to NYC just seems like a practical decision.

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