25 Hottest Female Celebrities under 25 ...

So the other day my mother was talking to me about how I'm under-motivated in life and that I need to find some inspiration and get my life into action, career wise that is. I turned towards my beloved Hollywood, and listed a list of women who have made it huge, and HOW:

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Image source: unificationfrance.com

The beautiful and oh so young Evan Rachel is notoriously known for her 1 year relationship with Marilyn Manson, which ended in 2008, only to get engaged to him in 2010 which didn't last very long either. The 23 year old has had some fascinating roles in the Beatles inspired movie โ€œAcross the Universeโ€ as well as the critically acclaimed โ€œRunning with โ€œScissorsโ€. She is also a talented singer as proved by her debut album!

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