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Adrienne Frantz was born on June 7 of 1978 in Mount Clemens, Michigan. She is an American actress and singer/songwriter. Ever since she started playing on “The Young and the Restless,” she has captured my attention. While she no longer plays on that soap opera, her music has captured my attention. Let me give you 7 facts on Adrienne Frantz …

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Only Child

Like me, Adrienne Frantz is an online child. At the age of three, she went through private dance recitals in her hometown. See, she started at a very early age and look where she is today.



She was a very busy girl, but in spite of it all, she did manage to graduate from high school. In fact, she graduated from high school when she was only eighteen years old. After this, she packed all of her bags and went to New York City to pursue her dreams.


Soap Opera

She first showed up in a soap opera during the year 1997 as Tiffany Thorne on Sunset Beach. To be honest with you, I actually watched Sunset Beach back then. The Young and the Restless and Sunset Beach are the only 2 soap operas I have watched. She always does a good job in the soap operas. I missed her when she left The Young and the Restless. He reason for leaving town was to take care of a child.


Other Scenes

Apart from playing in B&B, Sunset Beach and The Young and the Restless, she made an appearance in the 2001 Rugrats episode “All Growed Up” as a popstar named Emica. In a commercial for Resident Evil 2, she played Claire Redfield. She also made an appearance on That 70s Show and appeared in Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield. I also believed she was a good actress and I look forward to seeing her role in even more shows/movies.



Ever since she was young, she held animals close to her heart. She even worked with Save the Horses, PETA and many others. I like how she gets out there and supports animals. I think we need to have more people doing this – especially stars.


Free Time

During her free time, she enjoys composing music, writing poetry, playing softball, skiing, and spending time with her three adopted cats and two Labrador retrievers. She really does sound like a fun person to be around.



She has blonde hair and blue/yellow eyes. She describes her eyes as being “cat” eyes. If you take a look at her picture, you might notice her cat eyes as well.

Those are 7 facts on Adrienne Frantz. She is one of my favourite actresses/singers. I think that she does a great job in the field she has chosen for herself. I am also happy to see that she graduated high school at a young age, then left for New York City to pursue her dreams. I must say that she has definitely pursued her dreams. So, do you like Adrienne?

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