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Celebrities can get away with a lot – including some really original hairdos. I've seen lots of crazy hair over the years, like Charlie Sheen's Major League 'do, Sanjaya Malakar's pony-hawk, and of course Britney Spears' shaved look. However, sometimes the bizarre gets a little funky, and ends up working beautifully rather than just seeming strange – which is what happened with this list of the funkiest celebrity hairstyles.

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Lady Gaga Everyday

From her Minnie Mouse bow to her strange, flat topped buns, most of the funkiest celebrity hairstyles I've ever seen belong to Lady Gaga. Even though they're not typically styles either you or I would ever even try to pull off, they work for her persona. Frankly, compared to some of her wardrobe choices, most of Mother Monster's hairdos are practically tame.


Pink's Pretty in Pink Hair

Pink – whom I love ever so much – is funky simply by virtue of being Pink … and of being pink. Her signature hot pink 'do will always work for her, and it will always be original, even if a million more people try to copy her. It just looks good on her, you know? Plus, hey, she's just wearing who and what she is, right?


Amy Winehouse's Beehive

I'm not saying that all of the funkiest celebrity hairstyles actually look good – sometimes funky isn't cool. Sometimes it's just … peculiar. Amy Winehouse and her signature, three story beehive fall into that category. I mean, there are times when beehives are cool – the girls of the B52s used to pull them off beautifully – but Amy's rat's nest is just a hair don't.


Kelly Osbourne's Lavender Locks

I think some of Kelly Osbourne's hair choices are pretty cute, while others are a little hard for me to understand. Every once in a while, however, one of her hairstyles falls somewhere in between. That happened for me when she went lavender. Usually I love the color, and I do praise her for choosing a shade of purple. On the other hand, homegirl's hair color seriously matched my grandma's.


Rihanna's Fire Red 'Hawk

Of all the funkiest celebrity hairstyles I've ever seen, Rihanna's are among my favorite – especially that signature look she had. You know, the fiery red swoop, accented by the close cropped sides? If I thought I had a chance of pulling that off, I'd totally copy it. That worked for her beautifully, I don't even care what all the critics had to say.


Sienna Miller's Milkmaid Braids

In a play for Boho chic, Sienna has been trying this look quite frequently. While it could have made her look a little Pollyanna, maybe a little Heidi, I think it actually works. It's saved from being old fashioned and made into something funky by virtue of the way she wears it. She rocks it out like she knows it's fine.


Nicki Minaj's Bride of Frankenstein 'do

I admit, I actually have never heard anything Nicki Minaj has done. Thus far, I know her only because of her odd hair and clothing choices, and that face she makes where she kind of looks feral. Nothing beats the animalistic, bride of Frankenstein 'do she wore during awards season this year, though. Seriously, she straight up looked like Elsa Lanchester.

I know there are tons more 'dos that could fall within the bounds of the funkiest celebrity hairstyles. There's no way I caught them all. So help me out, what celebrity do you think has the funkiest hair?

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