7 Ways to Achieve Fame ...


7 Ways to Achieve Fame ...
7 Ways to Achieve Fame ...

It seems that everyone wants to become famous. I don’t. I just don’t get it really. Fame is the new religion followed by any wannabe that has nothing really to offer the world than to fill air time or column inches with their inanity or spotlight-seeking antics. Media positions used to be filled by people who had talent and wanted to entertain. Today’s reality stars and disingenuine celebrities seem to want to entertain themselves and line their pockets rather than edify our lives. If you are one of them and for whatever reason, here are a few ways to become famous that don’t necessarily mean making a fool of yourself in front of millions of people, but, actually might too.

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Break a World Record

Getting yourself into the Guinness Book of Records might be a better option than appearing on the front page under an insulting headline. You don’t have to be a supreme athlete, all it takes is one thing you can do faster, longer, shorter, slower or whatever, than anyone else.


Discover or Invent Something

Sometimes from the simplest things amazing things happen. If you can’t think of a brand new product, think of a way of improving something we all use every day.


Marry a Celebrity

Definitely the next best thing to doing it yourself. Not only does it not cost anything to ride on someone else’s coat tails but it’s financially rewarding for you too.


Be in the Right Place at the Right Time

If you have time to spare to hang around lakes or rivers, up mountains or by the railway tracks you might be in a position to rescue someone. You then become a hero.


Hidden Talents

Find something you are really good at. You never know there might be a whole pool of talent inside you that you’ve never tapped into. Try them all out until you find your niche, be it dancing, singing, painting or even paper folding, then practice, practice and practice again. All that’s needed once you’ve perfected your skill is Simon Cowell to recognise your brilliance.


Internet Stardom

If you’ve got a good sense of humour, YouTube is the perfect opportunity to showcase your stupidity or supreme talent. Do something that gets the whole world talking about you and itching to watch your video.


Unreal Television

Reality Television – Not! Still a pathway to instant recognition, being on a program where you are subjected to ritual humiliation doesn’t seem to be palling in the public’s taste. It needs no talent, just the skill to be the best of a bad bunch.

True celebrity wannabes need to have a real hunger to follow any of these ways to achieve fame but for millions, it remains an unachievable pipe dream. What would you be prepared to do to become a headline maker?

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