7 Amazing Celebrity Apartments You Need to See ...

Home is where the heart is, and in the case of these amazing celebrity apartments, home is where the lavish decor is. We all know celebrities have it good, but their pads are truly something to gawk at. In a big city like NYC, there's so many small apartments and essentially glorified closets that people pay a pretty penny for, but these city spaces are big, beautiful, and far from closet-like. As such, you can only imagine the price tags that come with them. Check out these amazing celebrity apartments and prepare to have a little home-envy:

1. Cameron Diaz

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One of the first amazing celebrity apartments you need to see is Cameron Diaz's. She purchased the incredible Chelsea flat last year and the functional and design renovations are absolutely spectacular. The 2,400-square-foot pre-war apartment designed by Kelly Wearstler features textured wallpaper, bright yellow accents, chic turquoise kitchen cabinets, and hints of bright gold in every room.

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