7 Athletes You Cannot Miss during the Winter Olympics ...


The whole world is already cheering because the Winter Olympics are here again. The finest competitors of each nation will be congregating in Sochi, Russia, to compete in everyone’s favorite wintry shenanigans. With over 2,500 participants representing the 88 countries involved, keeping track of the competitors is certainly tricky. Allow me to share the competitors I think you cannot miss during the Winter Olympics.

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Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner This 22-year old skater will be an athlete you cannot miss during the Winter Olympics figure skating event. Wagner looks forward to the opportunity to put her best blades forward and give the world its first taste of the her moves. There has been some controversy regarding her inclusion in the U.S. Team since Mirai Nagasu out-placed her in Nationals. However, in an admirable feat of good-sportsmanship, Nagasu has been supportive of her friend in Wagner’s first venture to the Olympics.


John Robert Celski

John Robert Celski Continuing with the skating motif, let’s switch from tricks to velocity and look at our speed skaters. With already two Olympic bronze metals attached to his name, J.R. Celski is dashing into Sochi with a strong start. A recent injury involving a gash to his thigh from his blades left many unsure if he would recover in time for the Olympics. Fortunately, nothing is stopping him from representing America this year. Contrastingly, murmurs about the grapevine are predicting he will medal at the Games!


Shaun White

Shaun White Shaun White will be competing in his third round of Games this year. A U.S fan favorite, White has garnered the nicknames of "flying tomato" and "animal" due to his unique red locks. Aptly named, since this red-headed fury won two Olympic gold medals in the half-pipe and may win his third, consecutive gold. No American man has earned three golds in a row. Unfortunately, ESPN reports that he recently jammed his wrist—hopefully it’s nothing serious!


Bernadette Schild and Janine Flock

Bernadette Schild and Janine Flock The world should literally not miss these two athletes debuting as representatives for Austria. Schild (alpine skier) and Flock (skeleton racer) have been the center of some concern lately. Officials from Vienna received an anonymous letter threatening the kidnapping of these Austrian stars. The Austrian Olympic Committee asserts this is an empty threat, but has tightened security nonetheless. Both Schild and Flock have been strong and refuse to let this incident crawl under their skin or mess up their game.


Felix Loch

Felix Loch According to U.S slider Chris Mazder, the only way Loch can be beaten at the Olympics is if he crashes. This Olympian has been luging since 2006. Germany has always been the masters of the luge. Loch is no exception—especially considering he became the youngest Olympic champion at the age of 20. With nine medals, eight of which are gold, already strapped under his belt, the world is definitely anticipating more success for Germany this year!


Noriaki Kasai

Noriaki Kasai Also known as "Legend Kasai," this Olympian is perhaps the oldest to compete. At 41, he has participated in the Olympics 6 times, but sadly hasn’t medaled yet. Let’s not count him out, though. As of this year, he became the world’s eldest winner of the World Cup in his category! Hopefully, this will be his year.


Norwegian Curling Team (and Their Pants)

Finally, let’s top off with everyone’s not-so guilty pleasure: curling. For those who haven’t seen the Norwegians in 2010, they became famous for having the best pants in the Olympics. I kid you not. If you want additional evidence, check out their Facebook page, which currently has 543, 828 likes! Who knows what they will bring to the waistline this year.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who you support. Just remember to have fun watching the games! Are there any athletes you’ll be specifically rooting for?

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Norwegian alpine skiier Aksel Lund Svindal ;) he's hot curling? Not so much ( and I am from Norway )

Davis and white should be at the top of this list

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