7 Athletes You Cannot Miss during the Winter Olympics ...

The whole world is already cheering because the Winter Olympics are here again. The finest competitors of each nation will be congregating in Sochi, Russia, to compete in everyone’s favorite wintry shenanigans. With over 2,500 participants representing the 88 countries involved, keeping track of the competitors is certainly tricky. Allow me to share the competitors I think you cannot miss during the Winter Olympics.

1. Ashley Wagner

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This 22-year old skater will be an athlete you cannot miss during the Winter Olympics figure skating event. Wagner looks forward to the opportunity to put her best blades forward and give the world its first taste of the her moves. There has been some controversy regarding her inclusion in the U.S. Team since Mirai Nagasu out-placed her in Nationals. However, in an admirable feat of good-sportsmanship, Nagasu has been supportive of her friend in Wagner’s first venture to the Olympics.

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