7 Attention Grabbing Pieces of Celebrity Sex Advice ...

Ever searched the ‘net for celebrity sex advice? No, me neither. Still, it seems that our favorite PR people are willing to reveal more than ever to get their celebs on the front page, and social networking has made the celebs themselves a lot more open. So if you were wondering what celebrity sex advice would be like, wonder no more.

1. Taylor Momsen…

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Yep, Taylor has been handing out celebrity sex advice – on the topic of masturbation. Speaking in an interview, Momsen revealed, “I’m a promoter of masturbation. Don’t sleep around – learn yourself first. Guys do, but girl’s don’t. And that’s why so many have bad experiences. But you can know your body, know yourself, know what feels good…You don’t have to give yourself away to have sexual relevance. Because I don’t think sex is something that people should be afraid of. It’s part of human nature, so I don’t think it should be shameful – especially for girls.” While the interviewer seemed a little lost for words, it seems Taylor may have a point. This year will mark the first big campaign encouraging masturbation in women. It seems Taylor would make a great poster girl – watch this space!

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