7 Awesome Celebrity Baby Names That Will Leave You Spellbound ...

Celebrity baby names are sometimes…well… a little different. I already know that many people will disagree with my list and say that some of the names are stupid or ask how anyone could name their kid that, but I actually think that these celebrity baby names are absolutely awesome!

1. Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette

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Parents: Penn Jillette & Emily Zolten Jillette

Penn Jillette gets a lot of flack for his daughter’s name, but it is absolutely, 100% without a doubt, my favorite of all the celebrity baby names I have ever seen! I adore the name Moxie and who wouldn’t want their middle name to be Crimefighter?! It’s better than going to school and being in a class with 6 other Jennifers. I love unique names and this one definitely tops the list! Penn has said that the middle name was chosen because his wife Emily doesn’t have a middle name and thinks they are stupid, so they made a joke of it. Their son’s name is Zolten Penn Jillette and I love that one too!

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