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How much do you love Beyonce? Queen Bey has millions of fans worldwide and I love that she shares some of her personal life and behind the scenes stuff with us on Instagram. Let’s take a look at some of the best Instagram photos from Beyoncé and collectively admire her kickass wardrobe, amazing hair and makeup and super cute baby!

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GoodMorning Via Beyoncé on Instagram: “GoodMorning

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I love Beyoncé!

I don't love or hate Beyonce, she seems ok as a person but this obsessive fan article is about as objective as a cartoon. Calm down on the worship and delusion! She's just a regular run of mill girl. Very average singer, pretty at best but certainly not beautiful and just truly lucky to be famous. Stop idolizing people so unworthy.

i dont like beyonce either, i never listend to her

me too ^^ !

do you think Beyoncé cares what you both think? hating ass bitches😒 why so much hate?

Beyoncé is so overrated. She is honestly just mediocre at best - all her songs sound the same, don't really have any depth to them, and are just overplayed (besides the fact that she steals a lot of songs..). More importantly, she doesn't seem very smart. Let's face it, if it weren't for her looks, her idol worship would not be as crazy as it is now. Oh and her fans are really really sensitive and would probably label me a "hater" but hey 😊

average singer? Beyoncé is far from being an average singer and a great performer, this is undeniable. As for all the buz around her, I agree that this is way too much.

she's clearly both beautiful and talented. But I do find the whole queen bey thing a bit cringy and the level of adulation she receives is a bit over the top. She is just a performer!

I love Beyoncé

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