7 Best Boy Bands to Jam with ...

Ahh-Ahh: That's basically all I can say when I'm jamming with the best boy bands through my iPhone! Who doesn't love listening to attractive men (young men), who have pretty decent music and amazing vocals? I sure do! There are so many bands to choose from, but here are a few of my best boy bands choices! Enjoy and jam on!


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Now, now, before we get into a feud of Backstreet Boys and Nsync - there is a reason I chose them as one of the best boy bands to jam with! I've always been a fan of both BSB and Nsync but, more so I enjoyed Nsync's songs over BSB's. But, I'm still a fan of both nonetheless! Who doesn't love 5 attractive men serenading you?


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Do you remember when Jesse McCartney was a part of Dream Street, with their hit single, "It Happens Everytime"? I sure do! I sang to that song ALL THE TIME! It had a great tune, great lyrics, and great looking guys! Unfortunately, this group didn't last too long, but, it's nice to see that Jesse McCartney started out his solo career, and he looks like he did pretty well with his life. Sadly, not so much for the others. It's okay - don't give-up!


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Okay, who doesn't remember this long haired trio? With their famous "MMMBop," I definitely jammed out with these guys! And, who didn't get excited when they made their long awaited cameo in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" music video? AHH!


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Ahh, I definitely saw these handsome men in concert after years of retirement. Their hit single with Ne-Yo known as 'Single' was my anthem back then! They've been around and continue to make great music through the years! Although they're not producing new music they are still a popular iTunes download! Go NKOTB!


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Ok, here they are, BSB! Their Millennium album was by far my favorite, but I still have to love on their song, "I want it that way." Every time someone sings this on karaoke I feel obligated to stand and sing along as well! Who is your favorite BSB singer? What's your favorite BSB song?

6. LFO

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Who doesn't like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch? Remember that phrase?! LFO was a great trio, with great songs that not only were edgy, but still had that pop flare! Sadly, the lead singer of the band passed away due to a long battle with cancer. Rest in peace!


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Slowly making their way to top the charts, with endless girl fans, known as Directioners, this handsome international pop sensation is surely making its way into my household! Their songs are catchy, their carefully coiffed hair styles are to die for, and their wardrobe choices are fun! Each of these singers auditioned solo in the hit sensation X-Factor UK, and didn't make it. But, altogether they sound like angels.

These boy bands are just my favorites. Do you have any boy bands that you love? or hate? Any that you don't think should even be on the list? Let me know who your choices are for the best boy bands to jam with!

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