7 Best Crime TV Shows ...


7 Best Crime TV Shows ...
7 Best Crime TV Shows ...

Television has always been seen as an escape to a new, exciting world for most people, and what better way to escape than through the best crime shows? We’ve all been on the edge of our seats, biting our fingernails, and trying to guess what’s going to happen next. Maybe they’re shows you followed along with, or maybe they’re ones you haven’t gotten around to watching yet. Let’s take a peek at the best crime shows.

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What I love most about "Homeland" is the fact that it’s dirty, in your face, and doesn’t hold anything back. Not only does it focus on the crimes of an American terrorist and the gang of baddies trying to destroy our freedom, but it also opens the door for real performances from this all-star ensemble. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis (along with the rest of the cast, because they’re amazing!) deliver each and every episode. "Homeland" is believable and thought-provoking and I promise your heart will be racing through it every second of the story. It’s an amazing thriller and I warn you now that you’ll probably be up until the wee hours of the morning marathoning every episode until you’re caught up. This is my own favorite of the best crime TV shows!


Prison Break

This is a story of true familial bonds, intelligence, and conspiracy. When Michael Scofield’s brother is sent to prison after being falsely accused, Scofield pledges to get himself placed in the same prison so he can help his brother escape. I was skeptical about whether or not this show would have the stamina to keep my attention for the full hour it was on every week, but boy was I wrong. You will be yelling at your screen each time Scofield and Burrows just narrowly escape their enemies (which they seem to acquire a lot of as the five seasons go on). Not to mention there’s a lot of eye candy, which definitely doesn’t hurt.


The Wire

I have to admit that this is a show I was impressively late for. Everyone raved about this show while it was airing and I honestly don’t have a good excuse as to why I didn’t ever watch it. "The Wire" is a series about the Baltimore drug scene viewed through the eyes of the local police and through the drug dealers themselves. The show does an amazing job of showing each level of true crime from the lowly junkies to the drug dealer to the king pin. One thing's for sure when it comes to "The Wire;" you will not be able to stop watching.


Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

SVU is the elite detective team that solves the most heinous sexually related crimes in New York City. The subject matter is always gritty and many of the story lines will leave you staring in awe at your screen. This isn’t surprising since the series has been on for 14 seasons. You’ll become attached to these officers while they deal with harsh realities and do truly amazing work as they lock up the worst criminals.



While "Psych" isn’t a gritty crime show, it is entertaining. "Psych" is great because not only is it a crime show, it’s also a comedy, which most crime shows don’t have the opportunity to explore much. The premise of this show centers on a best friend duo that solve crimes the police need help with, while one pretends that he’s a psychic using his keen attention to detail and sheer good luck. Note that he has ZERO real psychic ability and hilarity ensues while Shawn and Gus crack case after case.


Veronica Mars

Unfortunately "Veronica Mars" ended way before it should have with only three seasons. The story centers on a high schooler, Veronica Mars, and her father, who is a private investigator. She helps him solve some of the cases, while she takes on cases at school on her own. Each season has a bigger premise but there’s also miniature mysteries in each episode. The show is heartfelt and hilarious, and lucky for us, a movie based on "Veronica Mars" will be released next winter with the original cast!


Harper’s Island

This show aired in 2009 for a one season run on CBS to astounding reviews from critics and fans alike. The series centers on a destination wedding party in Harper’s Island, Washington. Everything seems beautiful on the surface of the island, but the community has some dark secrets - the most epic being that it was the place of several serial murders just seven years before. The show keeps you guessing at every twist and turn as the wedding party begins to die one by one. The cast is phenomenal and the writing is top notch. "Harper’s Island" is an intriguing murder mystery and all the creepy terror and tension unravels episode by episode and you will be hooked in the first 10 minutes.

There's my list of the best crime shows! Did any of them pique your interest? Grab your popcorn and start watching!

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The Following and Castle are great, too!!

Ed Sheeran is lovely and I'm not ashamed.

Agreed on Criminal Minds, and Bones. So happy Psych! was on here!! Hands down fave show ever.

White collar with matt bomer and castle with nathan fillion

Um hello?! Criminal Minds!?!!


Criminal minds should be on this list! It is awesome&#x 2764;

Wallander 0.0

Breakaway kings!!<3

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