7 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012 ...


7 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012 ...
7 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012 ...

We all have our hit and miss moments, trust me even celebrities do, but this list is more about the best dressed celebrities of 2012, those celebrities who always have a great style and never cause a disaster fashion mistake. I decided to give you a list of the seven celebrities whom I have been keeping under the scoop. I had to pick those celebrities who knew what to wear throughout the 365 days of the year. It is NOT easy; even my favorite celebrities had their MISS moments (how disappointing)... here are the 7 best dressed celebrities of 2012.

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Kate Middleton

No one says elegant better than the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Kate proved that she is the number one fashion icon worldwide; I fall in love with whatever she is wearing. I don’t care if she is repeating the same dress (trust me I don’t even notice sometimes) as she always know how to look different and great. So, if you need a fashion icon there is no one better than her; watch and learn! She's earned the top spot on my list of the best dressed celebrities of 2012 for a reason!


Kim Kardashian

Liking curves and dressing them are TWO different things. We all want curves but most of us don’t know how to flatter them. But, Kim Kardashian the great fashion icon knows how to always FLATTER her curves we don’t care if she is size 12 she look HOT and GREAT! Thank you Kim; you proved that we don't have to be skinny to be sexy.


Taylor Swift

I love Taylor Swift, not only for her great story telling skills through her music (which sometimes make me cry!) but because of her amazing style. Taylor Swift doesn't usually take risks but she is beautiful and she knows it. What I really love about Taylor is that she knows how to make a sweater and some skinny pants look just perfect on her. In other words, whether she is on the red carpet or just street chic, Taylor swift ALWAYS knows how to impress me.


Blake Lively

Gossip Girl Blake Lively proved that she is not only an on-screen fashionista, but also off-screen. She always looks FABULOUS but not trying too hard; thanks to her beautiful smile. She is a fashion icon! What I really love about Blake’s style is that she knows how to make a brand dress looks simple for all of us regular girls.


Emma Stone

Despite her young age, she always knows how to glow on the red carpet! I love her style and attitude on the red carpet; she takes risks but knows how to take the right ones! She always flatters her body and still looks like the girl next door; honestly, I just love her! I am sure she is going to make it to my next year's best dressed celebrities list.


Katy Perry

Katy simply defines "the UNEXPECTED;" she always knows how to find her way in changing her style and still WOW us. She keeps changing her hair colors but still looking GREAT! This year I was impressed with how she kept it all together even after her dramatic breakup. Katy Perry is just all feminine even if she is wearing an alien dress. She really deserves her spot on the best dressed celebrities of 2012.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Last but definitely not least, we are obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow's style! She is an Academy Award winner, a Golden Globe winner, sometimes a singer, but most importantly a FASHION ICON. Gwyneth is now forty, yet she still looks all youthful and pretty. I loved all her looks this year! Gwyneth is always feminine and gorgeous!

Those are the best dressed celebrities for 2012. I loved their style, confidence and beauty! Which of these celebs made your list, and who did I miss? Let me know!

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I live these articles, but when pictures aren't with the numbered examples for reference it frustrates me! I'm sure I'm not alone!

I don't believe Kim Kardashian is all that great of a dresser

I would love to have seen some pics as well. Katy perry has been dressing classless since she hooked up with that douche John Mayer. She is almost always mocked on fashion police.

Pictures would be fabulous

Kim kardashian is an awful dresser

My friend and I are always having a debate. I loooove Kate Middleton and she loves Kim K. The fact that Kate beat Kim made my day!

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