3. Jim Carrey

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Jim’s childhood was no laughing matter, ladies and gents, so if you ever wish to know the reasons for Jim’s incredible humor, I bet you won’t find them in this period of his life. For Mask a.k.a Ace Ventura a.k.a Jim Carrey a.k.a one of the funniest, most talented actors ever schooldays were like a long camping trip and I don’t mean that in that fun “picking flowers all day, roasting marshmallows all evening” way! Oh no, he was actually living in a camping van and working in the tire factory! The funny boy then decided to drop out of high school and move to LA which, you must agree, was a pretty risky move that, luckily, paid out. Pretty inspiring, huh? Yeah and, as you can see, even the biggest names in Hollywood had to work hard and take risks in order to earn their celebrity status so the next time you think the road that leads from rags to riches is a short and easy one – think again!

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