10 Best Johnny Depp Quotes ...


Johnny Depp Quotes give use a peek into his mystical mind. Through Johnny Depp’s words we can better understand the person he is and what motivates him as a person, a husband, a father, and an actor. The things he says are brilliant and gives us so much more to love than just his beautiful face -- just check out these Johnny Depp sayings for evidence.

1. "We're All Damaged in Our Own Way. Nobody's Perfect. I Think We're All Somewhat Screwy. Every Single One of Us."

Johnny Depp said it best here in this quote. No one is perfect. We all mess up. Even those we look up to and see as flawless beings are actually not perfect. This is so important to remember. This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp quotes for just that reason.

"Life's Pretty Good, and Why Wouldn’t It Be? I'm a Pirate, after All."
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