10 Best Johnny Depp Quotes ...


10 Best Johnny Depp Quotes ...
10 Best Johnny Depp Quotes ...

Johnny Depp Quotes give use a peek into his mystical mind. Through Johnny Depp’s words we can better understand the person he is and what motivates him as a person, a husband, a father, and an actor. The things he says are brilliant and gives us so much more to love than just his beautiful face -- just check out these Johnny Depp sayings for evidence.

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"We're All Damaged in Our Own Way. Nobody's Perfect. I Think We're All Somewhat Screwy. Every Single One of Us."

Johnny Depp said it best here in this quote. No one is perfect. We all mess up. Even those we look up to and see as flawless beings are actually not perfect. This is so important to remember. This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp quotes for just that reason.


"Life's Pretty Good, and Why Wouldn’t It Be? I'm a Pirate, after All."

Why wouldn’t life be good for a pirate? I think the way Johnny Depp embraces the role of Jack Sparrow is amazing and shows through on screen. He just has fun with everything he does.


"I Don't Think Anybody's Necessarily Ready for Death. You Can Only Hope That when It Approaches, You Feel like You've Said What You Wanted to Say. Nobody Wants to Go out in Mid-sentence."

This Johnny Depp quote is serious yet witty. That's exactly the reason why I love him. I can see him giving heart-melting smirk as he said this.


"if You Love Two People at the Same Time, Choose the Second. Because, if You Really Loved the First One, You Wouldn't Have Fallen for the Second."

Again he is so right. If you have ever been cheated on, this Johnny Depp saying might sting a little, but it should let you know not to take a cheating lover back. If he really loved you he wouldn’t have ever messed up.


"There Are Four Questions of Value in Life: What is Sacred? of What is the Spirit Made? What is Worth Living for? and What is Worth Dying for? the Answer to Each is the Same. Only Love."

This is one of the sweetest Johnny Depp quotes I've ever seen. Such a sweet romantic! I adore that to him our spirits are made of love and thus are sacred. I agree that love is worth living for and worth dying for.


"the Only Creatures That Are Evolved Enough to Convey Pure Love Are Dogs and Infants."

If you have ever had a dog or held a new born baby then you know what this Johnny Depp quote means. Babies and dogs have this look of love drunk beauty in their eyes because of their innocence. It's a beautiful thing to see.


"when Kids Hit One Year Old, It's like Hanging out with a Miniature Drunk. You Have to Hold onto Them. They Bump into Things. They Laugh and Cry. They Urinate. They Vomit."

Oh my, this makes me laughs until it hurts every time I read it. Nothing is more fun than watching a bunch of one-year-olds stumble around like drunken old men. Think about it for a minute -- this description is spot on!


"My Daughter Was Asked by a Little Old Lady in a London Hotel Restaurant What Her Daddy Did. She Answered, 'He’s a Pirate' -- I Was Very Proud of That Answer."

Oh sweetie, your daddy is a pirate and we love him for it. Don’t you just love how innocent and sincere kids are? And it's wonderful how much Johnny loved her answer, too.


"You Can't Plan the Kind of Deep Love That Results in Children. Fatherhood Was Not a Conscious Decision. It Was Part of the Wonderful Ride I Was on. It Was Destiny; Kismet. All the Math Finally Worked."

I find it amazing that Johnny Depp is so moved by being a father. Having a baby really is life changing, but you don’t often hear men speak of fatherhood the way John Depp does. It's wonderful to see a dad that involved and that moved -- whether he's a celebrity or not.


"if There's Any Message to My Work, It is Ultimately That It’s OK to Be Different, That It’s Good to Be Different, That We Should Question Ourselves before We Pass Judgment on Someone Who Looks Different, Behaves Different, Talks Different, is a Different Color."

You tell it, Johnny. We all need to accept our difference and the difference of each other. Not worry about superficial things, and instead celebrate mankind with kindness and love. This is one of the best Johnny Depp quotes I've read because of its message of tolerance and acceptance.

You see, there is so much more to Johnny Depp than his gorgeous good looks. These Johnny Depp sayings prove that. He is passionate about life, love, and his family. What are some of your favorite Johnny Depp quotes and how have they helped you?

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Gotta love him, even when he's pissed off!

As if I needed more reasons to adore him.

awhhh hh.....o boy!!!...i just can't resist when that "chocolatty X factor" man speaks all mystic and brainy ...:((( <3

Shit he's hot

I LOVE all of these quotes. I LOVE Johnny to bits. Always have. Here's another quote from him that cracks me up. "If someone were to harm my family or a friend or someone I love, I would eat them. I might end up in jail for 500 years, but I would eat them."

I totally agree with number four, even said it to one of my friends once, glad she didn't make that mistake.

Some of these are movie quotes (chracters he played) not JD quotes unfortunately.

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