Give Your Favorite Brazilian Soccer Players a Follow on Twitter ...

There are so many awesome Brazilian soccer players that you should be following on Twitter! They make it really easy to be able to keep up with all of them and all that goes on in their lives. They're constantly posting cool photos from their practice sessions or vacations. If you kept up with the 2014 World Cup, a lot of these players will be familiar to you. Check out some of the cool Brazilian soccer players to follow!

1. Neymar Jr

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All hail Neymar! His World Cup journey unfortunately ended before its time but he still got the chance to show off his incredible skill while he was still playing. When he was injured, he took to Twitter (@NeymarJr) to thank all of his fans and supporters for their unconditional love. Neymar's currently healing and will be back on the field in no time! He's just one of many awesome Brazilian soccer players that you should follow.

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