8 Celeb-Started Gorgeous Beauty Trends ...

There’s nothing like a crazy new beauty trend – from the smokey eye to nude lips and that moisturizer that nobody could be without a few years back, we’ve had some amazing trends recently! My favourites have to be the celebrity inspired trends, though. Are you the same? Well, if you want to know Blake’s favorite lipstick, or Aniston’s best hairspray, keep reading!

1. Blake’s Glamour

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She might have just given birth (and we bet baby daughter James is just adorable!) but Blake has been bringing 1920’s glamour back anyway. From big rolling curls to bright red lips, flapper dresses and highlighter, she could have been transported from the past. She makes it look super cute at events with her husband Ryan, too! Definitely give this a go. As well as being an amazing beauty trend, it’s great fun!

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