29 Celebrities and the Environmental Causes They Support ...

I’m not really into celebrity culture, but I really approve when they give back, especially those celebrities who support environmental causes. These causes and the damage we have done to our planet are close to my heart, so when someone whose work I admire (well actually, even if I don’t!) feels the same way and puts their celebrity status to good use on green issues, I happily applaud them. Check out my list of celebrities who support environmental causes and see if there are any surprises.

1. Hayden Panettiere

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Our favorite ex-cheerleader (Heroes) is trying to help stop the hunting of whales and dolphins since the Japanese have been doing it again since the early 2000s (they had previously stopped). She especially supports the movement to stop the annual dolphin hunts which are done just for β€œfun.” Hayden is just one of many celebrities who support environmental causes relating to the plight of our marine life.

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