7 Celebrities I'm Not Quite Tired of Hearing about Yet ...

There are some celebrities that I think I might cry if I hear another peep about them, yet there are other celebrities I’m not tired of hearing about yet. I’m not a tabloid nut, but we can’t live in today’s culture and not hear about celebrities. Whether you love them or hate them, they are people just like the rest of us, yet because of the media, we often hear too much about some of them, in a negative light. Let’s be honest: none of us are perfect, including celebrities, but we can hear so much about one or two of them that we start to hate them without even knowing them! Yet, some of them, no matter how much you hear about them, never get old. Here are my favorite celebrities I’m not tired of hearing about yet. Be sure to share yours with me!

1. Ellen

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Ellen is one of my favorite celebs in the world, and is certainly at the top of my list of celebrities I’m not tired of hearing about yet. She’s just so charming! Ellen is funny, giving, incredibly witty and smart, a philanthropist for so many issues, she’s vegan, and she is one of the most giving celebs I’ve ever seen in my life. Wouldn’t you just die if she showed up at your door with some kind of amazing prize like she does on her show? I think I’d flip!

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