7 Celebrities Who Are Major Bookworms ...

There are so many celebrities who are bookworms! I love when celebs are just as obsessed with fictional characters as I am, because boy am I obsessed. Of course, being a bookworm doesn't just mean you're all about reading novels, short stories, etc. For some of these celebs, it just means their noses are constantly buried in a book for school/work. I'm looking at you, Franco! Check out some awesome celebrities who are bookworms.

1. Emma Roberts

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Emma Roberts always has a book in hand! She's always sharing her newest/current reads with her fans via Twitter or Instagram. It's great because fans can get a sense of Emma through what she reads! She even makes great recommendations to her fans. The latest purchase she made was "Different Seasons" by Stephen King. She posted it on Instagram and captioned it, "currently reading... Absolutely amazing." She's just one of the celebrities who are bookworms!

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