7 Celebrities Who Changed Their Appearance for a Role ...

Celebrities who changed their appearance for a role take their job seriously and do everything in order to tap into character. After all, to authentically portray a storyline, it is important to commit to your role 100% and changing your appearance can help a great deal by making everything seem much more personal and closer to heart. So we give nods to celebrities who changed their appearance because they went above and beyond for their part.

1. Vanessa Hudgens

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One of the celebrities who changed their appearance to be fully committed to their role is Vanessa Hudgens. She is known for her bohemian, feminine and sweet look, but the actress fully reinvented herself and underwent a major makeover for her role as a distressed and pregnant teenager in β€œGimme Shelter”. She gained 10 pounds, cut her luscious locks, and got a few piercings!

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