Like Fine Wine: Celebrities Who Get Better with Age ...

A lot of people age poorly, but these celebrities who look better with age will leave you looking forward to growing older! All of these lovely celebrities who look better with age were far from ugly ducklings when they were younger, but the years seem to have been especially good to this dazzling group of knockouts because they are hot!

1. Donnie Wahlberg

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Of all of the celebrities who look better with age, Donnie Wahlberg tops my list. I grew up infatuated with all of the delicious guys in New Kids on the Block but I was always partial to Donnie. It may have been the bad boy image, but his one of a kind smile definitely helped catch my eye. The years have been very very kind to Mr. Wahlberg. He is as attractive as ever with the same mischievous smirk and enchanting facial expressions and I will never grow tired of watching him on whatever movie or TV show he happens to appear in.

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