9 Celebrities Who Were Born Rich ...

After reading this list, you will discover that there are some celebrities who were born rich before they became famous. We mostly tend to think that many famous people worked regular low-income jobs before they became noticed or went to an art school and worked their way up the ladder. However, some were fortunate enough to be sons and daughters of celebrities or established business owners. Being born into riches is definitely something that some of us could only dream of happening. For some celebrities who were born rich, it's their reality.

1. Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie's father is an American actor and four-time Golden Globe winner Jon Voigt. You may remember him from various movies such as: "Pearl Harbor," "Enemy of the State," "Anaconda," and "Transformers." According to sources, Jolie and her father don't enjoy an easy relationship but she continues to carry on her family's acting legacy, adding her to the list of celebrities who were born rich.

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