7 Celebrities Who Were Fired from Their Own Shows ...

I always find it interesting to hear about celebrities who were fired from their own shows. As much teasing as I get about it, I actually like reading magazines like “People” or watching shows like “TMZ.” They're both a lot better-done than my TV-snob friends give them credit for. I enjoy stories about “celebrity feuds” and what goes on behind the scenes of TV shows, especially when the two are linked. To that end, here are a few stories about celebrities who were fired. I'll leave it to you to decide which were fair and which weren't.

1. Paula Deen

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No list of celebrities who were fired would be complete without Paula Deen. Food Network promptly dropped her show after instances of racism were brought to light. The list of retailers that dropped her includes Target, Walmart, Smithfield Ham and even her own publisher. She was set to go on the Today Show to talk about the incidents, but she simply didn't show up. She made several video apologies, but the jury is still out on how authentic they are. For more information and an interesting slideshow, visit huffingtonpost.com and huffingtonpost.com.

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