5. Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova

It's a good thing that belly button rings aren't in—this Victoria's Secret model would have no place to put hers. We know that lingerie models are required to look more Barbie-doll like than average women, but hopefully Karolina's belly button-less bod doesn't spark a strange new runway trend.

Karolina's missing belly button is actually the result of an operation that she had when she was just a baby, so it might be difficult for Victoria's Secret to find more models like her. Not everyone sees her ultra-smooth belly as being a desirable look—she often gets a belly button photoshopped onto her bod. Karolina hasn't said what she had surgery for when she was a baby, but it's possible that she suffered an umbilical hernia that had to be fixed.

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