7 Celebrities You May Have Forgotten Had Facial Piercings ...

I absolutely admire certain piercings on people, especially when it comes to a few celebrities with facial piercings. It's amazing to see the slow transformation of famous people when piercings are involved. Personally, I was inspired by Christina Aguilera to get my nose pierced at the age of 18 because I thought it was one of the most attractive facial piercings a girl could ever have. In this list, check out the singer along with several other celebrities with facial piercings that you may have totally forgotten about.

1. Christina Aguilera

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Well, to start off this list of celebrities with facial piercings, I might as well begin with Xtina herself. Do you remember Aguilera's hideous chin ring in her 2002 hit song “Dirrty”? I just can't get that image out of my head. Yet, the girl pulls off a nose piercing pretty well. That's not all the piercings she's had though. Aguilera has had nearly 12 piercings, including her belly button, eyebrow, tongue, and labia. OUCH!

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