9 Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Made Us Gasp and Groan ...

Celebrity Halloween costumes are always some of the most inventive, because so many stars have huge amounts of money to spend on putting together amazing looks for the spooky holiday. However, the orange carpet isn't so different from the red one, and this year, as expected, there were both hits and misses. It seems like some celebs take it to the extreme each year, and for 2013, the most notable celebrity Halloween costumes either made us gasp or groan out loud. Take a look at some of the best and worst looks.

1. Gasp: Heidi Klum

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It's impossible to discuss celebrity Halloween costumes any year without talking about Heidi Klum, who loves the holiday and never fails to go all out with her costume choices. She never fails to disappoint either, and this year her turn as a nearly unrecognizable old woman was just brilliant. She wasn't completely unrecognizable, though – that bone structure always shines through. I just love her inventiveness, and her willingness not to go for the clichΓ© sexy costumes. Heidi kind of rules Halloween!

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