7 Celebrity Instagram Accounts Youd Love to Follow ...

By Vladlena

7 Celebrity Instagram Accounts Youd Love to Follow ...

Motivation, fashion, puppies, beautiful scenery, celebrity Instagram accounts: you name it and Instagram has it all! Ever since its creation, this photo-sharing app has become a phenomenon among social media. It’s probably the best way to share bits of your life and connect with others. You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words! So in case you were looking up to follow some of your favorite celebrities, here are 7 celebrity Instagram accounts that you have to check out!

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Miranda Kerr
  2. 2. Harry Styles
  3. 3. Kendall Jenner
  4. 4. Ryan Seacrest
  5. 5. Lauren Conrad
  6. 6. Nina Dobrev
  7. 7. Ian Somerhalder

1 Miranda Kerr

Username: mirandakerr
Who is a better person to follow on a photo-sharing app none other than gorgeous supermodel Miranda Kerr? Her account has it all: inspirational pictures, cute candid moments with her son, jaw-dropping shots of her and outstanding scenery! It’s almost the whole Instagram package in one account! And who wouldn’t want to have daily updates on Miranda Kerr on their feed anyway?That's why I rank her among my favorite celebrity Instagram accounts.

2 Harry Styles

Username: harrystyles
One Direction is probably the biggest band today, with the biggest following, so it only makes sense to keep your tabs on Harry on Instagram! Harry Styles not only shares behind the scenes pictures from concerts, but relaxed moments with friends, hilarious photos of himself in a cheese hat, and of course some yummy looking food! So if you are looking to get a glimpse into the life of this cheeky lad, go follow him!

3 Kendall Jenner

Username: kendalljenner
Kendall Jenner definitely has the potential to become the next big thing in the modeling industry and even her Instagram shots can prove it! The young model shares some bits of her daily life, favorite modeling shots and gives a glimpse on what’s soon to come in her career! With her modeling career kicking off, new jewelry line and a Pacsun clothing line with her sister, it’s definitely worth following this blooming star!

4 Ryan Seacrest

Username: ryanseacrest
If you don’t want to bother following all of the celebrity accounts on Instagram, you can make it easier on yourself and just follow Ryan Seacrest! He frequently updates his Instagram with shots of himself and most of the biggest stars in Hollywood! Not only that but, you can truly see his personality shine through his posts!

5 Lauren Conrad

Username: laurenconrad
If you are looking for a more feminine account to follow, Lauren Conrad should be your pick! Her posts tend to all have an overarching theme of softness, elegance and charm. In addition she tends to share her daily highlights and cute moments with her boyfriend. Plus pictures of her extremely cute dogs are a huge bonus!

6 Nina Dobrev

Username: ninadobrev
Nina Dobrev is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood and accordingly has one of the most popular Instagram accounts! You are likely to find some cute shots with closest friends, meaningful quotes and some crazy yoga skills on her account. Overall her Instagram just radiates positive energy, so why not follow her?

7 Ian Somerhalder

Username: iansomerhalder
Ian Somerhalder uses his Instagram to share some of the behind the scenes moments with his fans and other tiny bits of his life that we often don’t see. You’ll even see a deeper and more sensitive side of Ian Somerhalder as he shares inspirational quotes and encourages making the world a better place. He seems to be quite a softy unlike his Vampire Diaries character, Damon!

I will be the first person to admit that I am a huge Instagram addict, which is why it’s important to me to follow some quality accounts! What is your favorite account to follow on Instagram? Share in the comments!

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