7 Celebrity Makeup Transformations That Will Make You Gasp ...


7 Celebrity Makeup Transformations That Will Make You Gasp ...
7 Celebrity Makeup Transformations That Will Make You Gasp ...

Celebrity makeup transformations you’re about to see are not only shocking like, “OMG, can’t believe you did this to yourself,” but really show how many amazing things can be done with makeup! And if you thought there’s no way to actually look like a Hollywood celebrity, you’re in for a big surprise! Check out these videos to see how a girl can be turned into a wide range of very different-looking both male and female celebrities and do feel free to utter a big OMG after each one. Trust me, these celebrity makeup transformations are seriously worth it.

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Scarlett Johansson

If you thought they broke the mold after making a beauty like ScarJo, guess again! LOL! Now, I know she has Mother Nature to thank for her good looks and probably doesn’t need that much makeup to look herself but do check out the way this talented makeup artist manages to copy-paste literally everything about her appearance! Amazing, isn’t it? Well, this girl has more amazing celebrity makeup transformations and I can’t wait to show you some more!


Michael Jackson

Okaaay! Now this celebrity makeup transformation right here is seriously amazing! Can you believe this girl has managed to turn herself into MJ? The transformation is actually so good that I’m sure she’d cause serious mass confusion should she decide to go out looking like that. What do you say?


Angelina Jolie

Having naturally full lips definitely made this look possible but whoa, the rest of this girl’s features were nowhere similar to Angelina’s yet she still ended up look totally like the popular actress. That’s the power of makeup for you! Wish makeup was the only thing needed to make my lips look like Angie’s.


Three Johnny Depp Transformations

Well, in case these previous three videos weren’t enough to surprise you, this collection of three characters played by Johnny Depp as well as a transformation into the man himself really ought to do the trick! All I can say is WOW!


Taylor Swift

Ever wondered how to get Taylor Swift-like makeup? Well, this is the right video for you! This celebrity makeup transformation is another success for sure but great for stealing makeup tricks for hottest celebrity looks too! Check it out, give a try and do tell me how it turned out!


Drake Transformation

Oh my! Guess there’s one more super talented transformation video maker in town! And man, is this great or what? The way she got her hose to look wider got me gasping for real – I mean, I know you can do truly magical stuff with makeup but I had no idea it could end up with such a dramatic change. What do you say? Was this a successful transformation?


Best Angelina Jolie Transformation Ever

Most people say Jennifer Aniston was a much better match for Brad but I just love, love Angie, think she’s super gorgeous and, of course, couldn’t resist posting another Angelina transformation. Way more subtle than the last one, this second Angie look really looks kind of natural and may even be something you’ll want to try at home. So? Would you? I might give it a try.

What do you say, ladies? Are these vides a) fun to watch but not your cup of tea, b) a perfect idea for the next Halloween party or c) something you’d really like to attempt doing by yourself?

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OMG.. This girl has amazing talent.

Michelle phan is the best! She does amazing transformation makeup!!

Love Promise Phan....I'm subscribed to her YouTube channel. She's incredible.

Promise Tamang Phan!!!!! She is Michelle Phan's sister in law.

She is by far my favorite YouTube makeup artist. She's sooo talented!!! She can literally transform herself into ANYONE. U have yet to see anyone else do that. Props to her

This girl has sick talent. I just want my makeup to look decent. She's awesome

@jessica lol who cares though?

michelle phans awesome!

OMG it's Promise Phan!!!! :O

It doesnt lemme see

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