7 Celebrity Men That Look Better with Age ...

Celebrity Men our mothers loved turned out to be the same celebrity men we love today – How cool is that? A bit weird maybe but it definitely speaks volumes about the celebrity men in question. Yes, they are talented and yes they look really good but there is another thing they have in common – they all somehow managed to find a way to make time work for them! Interested to see which celebrity men I’m talking about? Well, take a look at these 7 candidates! Don’t they look much better nowadays?

1. George Clooney

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When George decided to let those grays show every hater on this world had an opinion about it but guess who’s laughing now! Seriously, girls, this guy is a medical phenomenon and, once he gets bored of acting and dating hot younger women the scientists should definitely consider freezing him, studying him and hopefully cloning him so future generations could have their own George Clooney clone to drool after. Don’t you agree?

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