7 Celebrity Quotes We Should Actually Live by ...


7 Celebrity Quotes We Should Actually Live by ...
7 Celebrity Quotes We Should Actually Live by ...

Celebrity quotes to live by may not be often spoken. However, when one analyzes the simple context, I’m taken aback by how down to earth these icons really are. I mean I guess these celebs are just like you and I… in a ‘round about way. Don’t get me wrong, some icons say things that are far from interesting, however when a celebrity says something meaningful, to me, it’s worth a listen. Here are my favorite celebrity quotes that make you think twice:

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You Make Mistakes, but I Don’t Have Any Regrets...

"...I’m the kind of person who takes responsibility for it and deals with it. I learn from everything I do." Kim Kardashian says it best. If we don’t make mistakes we are not growing, and if we are filled with regrets, we are fearful to move ahead. I couldn’t agree more with the fashion icon — push yourself to do more, don’t ever have fear of failure, and always learn from what you have done in the past. You only have one life to live, be yourself.


I Try to Believe like I Believed when I Was Five…

"...When Your Heart Tells You Everything You Need to Know." Lucy Liu has nailed it, it you ask me. Growing up, taking on amazing responsibility is fabulous and has its perks, but sometimes we need to ground ourselves. Let our hearts guide us to make the right decision. Rational thinking isn’t always the answer, sometimes the irrational decision that make your heart beat faster in excitement give the best results. This is one really important celebrity quote to live by.


Looking Good is the Best Revenge

Coming from Ivanka Trump, this celebrity quote to live by makes me think twice. Why crave evil things to happen to those who have done you wrong? The desire for bad things will only bring negativity to you, change your revenge tactic. Go on with your life and let karma do it’s job. Trust me, the next time you cross paths looking like a million dollars, you will feel satisfactions like no other sinful payback could ever give. This is by far one of my favorite celebrity quotes.


A True Heiress is Never Mean to Anyone...

"... except a girl who steals your boyfriend." Paris Hilton obviously disagreed with Ivanka when it comes to revenge. However, there I something to be said about a women who flirts with a unavailable man. A real women has more class than to stoop to a level this low when flirting with the opposite sex. However if a taken man play these games, then not only is he not worthy of you, but these two are a match made in hell. They can go on their marry-ways hurting one another for the rest of their lives for all we care. A celebrity quote that maybe be the best route to take, but it will give you temporary happiness.


I Love round People, I Love Skinny People, I Love People in General...

"...We’ve got to get past label and stop being so critical about everything." David Arquette couldn’t have put it any better. Put aside all the stereotypes and look at each person blindly, including ourselves. We are our worst critique, everyone knows this. Its time we start loving and accepting who we are and not wishing and dreaming we were someone else. A brilliant celebrity quote we can live by.


It's Great to Be a Blonde...

"...with low expectations, it’s very easy to surprise people." Spoken like a true Barbie, Pamela Anderson pokes fun at being blonde. The element of surprise is really a fabulous feeling, especially when you are proving one wrong. Go on, take this celebrity quote and run with it. Do something to prove someone wrong today, push yourself.


Once You Figure out Who You Are and What You Love about Yourself...

"... I think it all kinda falls into place." Said with ease, Jennifer Aniston, like any of us can struggle with self love. How do you let someone else love you, if you don’t even truly know and adore yourself. Do one thing for me each and every morning, learn something about yourself, write it down and never forget it. In my eyes, this if by far the most important celebrity quote to live by.

These are only 7 of my favorite Celebrity quotes to live by, however there are many “wise” celebs out there that we should actually pay more attention to what they are saying, than what they are wearing. Tell me what are your favorite celebrity quotes that made you say Hmmmmm?

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