9 Celebrity Scandals from 2013 That Didn't Surprise Anyone ...

The celebrity scandals from 2013 ran the gamut between unexpected and unbelievable to decidedly unsurprising. Admit it, 2013 was the year for meltdowns and acts of crazy that didn't really surprise any of us. Some things were downright predictable, so that although they caused a fair amount of outrage, there wasn't all that much shock involved. Seriously, check out some of the biggest celebrity scandals from 2013 and tell me if you were really, truly surprised when they happened.

1. Amanda Bynes Goes to Treatment

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Amanda Bynes had a tough year – so tough that many of the biggest celebrity scandals from 2013 belong to her. It gets so much worse than saying she wanted rapper Drake to murder her vagina or even calling out President Obama as ugly. Although she deleted it, she even tweeted to Rihanna that Chris Brown beat her up because she wasn't pretty enough. From driving under the influence to throwing a vase, or maybe a bong, out of her window, Amanda's strange behavior culminated in a little bit of arson: she started a fire in a stranger's driveway, and even put her own dog in danger. The only good thing that came out of the whole episode was that Amanda finally received the help she needed. Her forced entry into treatment wasn't a surprise, but it was a very welcomed inevitability. I hope 2014 is better for her.

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