9 Celebrity Summer Street Style Inspirations That Are Absolutely Beautiful ...

One of the best ways to get fashionably-inspired this summer is to check out some awesome celebrity summer street style. Whether they have a stylist helping them out, or a knack for fashion themselves, celebrities often nail the street style look like it's nothing. I personally love browsing through Pinterest to find some style inspiration, and have compiled for you a list of some really stunning looks. Check out this list of celebrity summer street style looks and get ready to beat the heat en vogue.

1. Gwen Stefani

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Topping off this list of celebrity summer street style is Gwen Stefani. This hot mama always looks like a rocker chick, with pieces like baggy harem pants, tank tops, and fedoras. She can be edgy, yet retro at the same time and definitely sports that bad a** vibe!

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