Check out the Sexiest Instagrammers of 2015 ...

It was a big year for Instagram, especially if you were one of these people. These were the most followed people of 2015, and there Instagram feeds prove just why they were so big on Instagram! Whether you follow them for their โ€œreal-lifeโ€ shots or their pictures from red carpet moments, these are the Instagram feeds you were probably checking obsessively in 2015! Thatโ€™s not to say that a few of these might surprise you, either!

1. Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is the most followed Instagrammer of 2015, and thatโ€™s with reason. She was constantly sharing amazing snapshots of her life, whether she was traipsing around the world on her 1989 World Tour or hanging out with her hot boyfriend Calvin Harris. No matter what Taylor Swift was doing this year, she was definitely a favorite Instagrammer of 2015!

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