Chilean Miner Runs the NY Marathon ...

By Yusuf

Chilean Miner Runs the NY Marathon ...

The Chilean miner, Edison Pena, ran the NY Marathon today along with a host of other celebrities.

Edison Pena, was one of the miners stuck underground for 69 days in the recent Copiapo incident and was nicknamed as 'the runner' for running 6-miles everyday while stuck underground. Pena was invited to run the marathon by the New York Road Runners and he managed to complete the 26.2 miles in 5:40:51.

Amongst the other celebrities running, were Anthony Edwards, Ethan Zohn, Meredith Vieira, Robin Quivers, Ryan Sutter, Al Roker and Kirk Acevedo.

Survivor's Ethan Zohn who finished in 4:16:20 told the New York Daily News that visualizing the finish line at the marathon helped him get through a difficult stem-cell transplant last year. "It kept me going," Zohn said. "I was like, 'This sucks, but I'm going to get through it. And once I get through it I'm going to run the marathon.'"

Kirk Acevedo who plays the role of Charlie on Fringe had one of the fastest finishes among the celebrities, running the entire stretch in 3 hours flat.

Kudos to all those who completed the 26.2 miles while the rest of us sat on our comfy couches, munching on fatty snacks, watching them run!

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