Daily WOW - Vintage Celeb Photos Updated with Realistic Color ...

We've all seen every one of these historical "celeb" photos, and yes, they're very cool, but there's something so much more compelling about them in color... prepare to have your mind blown.

1. Marilyn Monroe in 1957

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She just looks so much more vulnerable in color, doesn't she?

2. Helen Keller and Charlie Chaplin in 1919

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I don't even have the words - maybe it's seeing the skin tones that makes this one so much more real?

3. Albert Einstein in 1921

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I don't know - I still really like the original...

4. Abraham Lincoln

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That black and white photo of Lincoln is in almost every American history textbook I've ever seen - but in color, he's human, strong, alive...

5. Mark Twain, about 1900

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Literary genius and dandy dresser, in black and white or color.

6. Charlie Chaplin in 1916

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Oh my gosh, who knew? Chaplin was... kind of a hottie?!

7. Charles Darwin in 1874

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Okay, so maybe he's not a celeb, but wow.

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