Demi Lovato for Elle...


We all watched Demi Lovato's or should I say "Demi Drama"s life spiral out of control last year with the cutting, the eating disorders and of course the punching incident. In the September issue of Elle, the lovely Demi finally opens up about this tumultuous phase and what pushed her to get help. The entertainment industry comes with its fair share of pitfalls and evils and it's always wonderful to see someone reclaim their lives and rise from the ashes.

Demi's look for Elle is certainly darker, more mature but in a strange way calm and beautiful! She's doing great with her hit new single Skyscraper of which she says, "This song [Skyscraper] is so special to me because it's inspired by my journey and the struggles that I've dealt with this past year. I hope people are able to relate to it and realize that they are able to rise above and overcome any obstacle, no matter the circumstances, and shine like a skyscraper." Amen!

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