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Demi's Make-up Connection....

By Yusuf

Demi Moore has plans to launch a make-up line and is already working on it.

Apart from revealing her beauty line plans, Demi also confessed that she has a longer standing connection with make-up - she was named after make-up! Turns out that ther mother saw the name 'Demi' as part of some make-up and knew that's the name she wanted.

“I have been concocting something, since I use a mixture of things that I’ve been working on in the hopes of having something to share with everyone".

“I actually have a real passion for it that started going back to my name. My mother named me Demi – which she found, of all things, as part of the name of a make-up".

The 48 year old beauty then comments on growing old and coming to terms with it, "I obsess and look in the mirror and occasionally say, ‘Where’s that little strap that I can hang around my neck that says, Help my face is falling and I can’t get up’".

“I’ve aged. I certainly don’t look the same as I did in my 20s or 30s. I think that it’s important to come from the inside out and that we wear our joy and our happiness and our beauty when the inside is radiating that.”

What do you have to say about Demi's beauty products line? I think it helps her keep busy, what with hubby Ashton's name being dragged into the porn-star controversy over and over.

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