7 Different Celebrity Bags and Their Contents ...

I love looking inside celebrity bags, figuratively of course - there’s no way I’d be able to take a peek inside a celebs’ precious tote! It’s always cool to see the things that people carry around, and when it comes to a woman, the contents of her bag will tell you everything. Celebrities have cool purses to begin with, but the contents give us a little peek into their glamorous lives! So here’s a look at 7 different celebrity bags and their contents.

1. Katy Perry

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Katy is on top of the world right now, and her bag is right there with her! In the case of celebrity bags and their contents, Katy’s is pretty, glamorous and girlie - just what we’d expect from her! The contents of her purse are wonderfully simple, and reflect on her on-the-go lifestyle. She carries around her signature scent – Purr by Katy Perry, of course - sunglasses, a sleeping mask, Polaroid photos, and for snacking, popcorn! Like most celebrity bags, Katy’s go-to bag is from none other than Chanel.

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