7 Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Stories ...

There have been some really dramatic celebrity weight loss stories over the last few years. Some of them have been inspiring, while others have been a little scary. Many celebrities who have lost weight have gained some of it back, but some of them have been able to keep off. Here are 7 dramatic celebrity weight loss stories that we have seen.

1. Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer Hudson has become a big inspiration for a lot of women. She was able to lose about 60 pounds after becoming a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. She has gone from wearing a size 16 down to wearing a size 6. Hudson has been able to maintain her weight for the past few years. She does admit that she still struggles to stay in control and maintain her current weight, which actually helps a lot of women relate to her - and that's why she's at the top of my list of the dramatic celebrity weight loss stories.

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